Monday, March 21, 2011


high heels
make sounds
so as to turn heads

if you
feel satisfied
being the
peacock's feathers
it's fine

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

pretend I am not there

I wore your jacket
out in the rain today
and it held me
and kept me dry
I felt so close to you
but walking to the store
I felt shitty
I was probably just going
to steal
and you would shake your head
if you were here

I can't keep living
my life like this
alone in my head
pretending you are here
pretending to give all of myself
to my idea of you

so I go home and lay under
a mountain of blankets in my dark room
with the door closed
when I hear my roommates come home
I pretend I am not there
when I hear them speak my name
I pretend I am not there
and there have been times in the past
even though I cared so much for him
when I pretended it wasn't happening
I was not there

toward forward

we are all
looking toward something
in anticipation
we are all eager to leave this moment
for the next to come
our bus is two stops away
we want it here now
even old men
dig in their pockets
and crane their necks
itching for the next minute to be gone and done with

Sunday, March 13, 2011

how unfortunate

it's that feeling
all we have
is this
collection of tissues
with which to
the invisible
that is held somewhere
secret and hiding
but definitive
and for me it just seems so strange

I'm really not saying this right
let me try again