Monday, December 21, 2009

never take any photographs
of good times
so that when you look back
it will be easy to be calm
and feel happy that its over

Monday, December 14, 2009

mouthing words through fogged up glass

its like im not sure if what im feeling is a bit of nostalgia or wanting to go to the bathroom.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

reasons why things never last

I had a dream where i was whistling. someone asked me to please stop, it's annoying and atonal.

Every time i smell Lever 2000 i think of you and it makes me angry and embarrassed and i want to die while still thinking and feeling these things cause it seems fair.

Information gladly given but safety requires avoiding unnecessary conversation and connecting verbs.

Wear makeup once every 3 months (right after your weekly shower) and people will compliment your kempt appearance but they are really saying "you look like shit normally, but today you look sorta okay."

We look over the hills of the sleeping city as dawn creeps in and we both say "the waking of death," punctuated by a sigh.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

yelling fuck you at least 20 times a day.
so that you will leave me alone.
or leave the room.

take a shower. even though the cold is blinding once the water is off.
stand under the near scalding water. taking comfort in being stupid and made of plastic. melting. falling onto the shower floor. touching the orange mold that has been growing between the raised portions of the shower floor. not caring, dripping into the black oblivion of hair and fungus that is the shower drain. sleepy, begin to lose focus. the warmth holds me. its arms cradle me like a broken limb.
double takes
double double takes
double takes
its when you see somebody give you a second glance
maybe for a split second
seeing somebody else as you
so you look into dim storefront windows
as you walk
down a shaded sidwalk
searching your face
in the reflection
someone else