Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Highly Impressionable


You are not selling your age; rather you are selling your morbid superstitions,
-John 8:11

A man, about 60 years of age, came to see me one evening.
During dinner, he told me that while he had
been bad; that he was not the same man mentally, physically,
emotionally or spiritually; and that he should cease
black magic, sorcery and devil-worship
the latter had made a profound impression on him.
sorcery is based on gross ignorance; all it means is thinking
19 years of age is not the flight of years but the dawn of
drinking excessively and
riches, peace, harmony, advancement, victory, etc.
mother, who was leading a vegetable-like existence
began to comprehend that, undoubtedly, his
talents, abilities and wisdom garnered through
his subconscious mind and the wisdom of his deeper mind
opened up all doors necessary
this young man seemed to be on the verge of becoming about 5,000 people

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Dangers of Talking to Strangers

a i y me he it an of if so as is in at be bee to two know

te he se si es en ni se le me tu el del de un la lo fue que

the dangers of talking to strangers.

i once talked to strangers and thats how ...

i was a carefree teenager, when one day

a day that i will never forget...

a dark car pulled up beside me

he was older, he was good looking

and next thing you know