Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I dont know who ever told you
I was cool
or that
there is such a thing
at times
I feel so pathetic
and I can't imagine
I will ever be okay
but when
I slowly fell off my bed
and we just stared
for an hour maybe
and couldn't stop smiling
I knew
everything was fine
I traveled to the future
and that moment
stood taller
than the rest
it was a giant

Cordyceps is fucking nuts

In the dark
smelling wet earth
sadness sprouting from my head
like parisitic fungus
so I dig
and go deeper into
the black
turning my back on the light
and try to smother this thing
that aches in my chest
and maybe collapse
into myself
and then I keep digging
even though
my fingers are bleeding
and why am I doing this
and there's dirt in
my eyes
my hair
my nose
I'm coughing
and sinking
but it's all for the hope
that when I emerge
I will be