Sunday, June 13, 2010

something beautiful

i want to strangle something
beautiful and small

and watch
the horror on people's faces grow
until it distorts their features

grotesque and unlovable
they will call out to me

then i will make something beautiful
and watch as they tear it down

and me with it

and i will feel better
about myself
and life in general

because then i will know
what we are all capable of

online events

have led me to believe
that many people
will understand you
but i will
always be alone
or among
tolerable individuals
continuing to misinterpret
my nervous smile
for benevolence

Thursday, June 10, 2010

stay in bed

im making brownies with a nonchalant expression
while i watch an imaginary TV
and in the distance
three people cross the street.
one falls down and the the other two stop and look.
the one doesnt get up so the other two continue
the one gets run over by a car but no one cares
cause they are curious about my nonchalant face and the smell of brownies